Before our first session

What do I need to do before our session?

You will need to fill out several online forms, which you will receive via email upon booking your appointment. The email will be from IntakeQ. These forms need to be filled out several days in advance of your appointment — I’ll email you after you book to let you know when they need to be filled out by.

The forms include a questionnaire, HIPAA notice of privacy practices, consent for telehealth, communication guidelines, and a credit card authorization form.

Why do you collect credit card information, even when I’m using my health insurance?

I charge a fee for no-shows and cancellations within 24 hours of an appointment (although I can make exceptions if a true emergency comes up). In addition, in the event that your insurance denies the claim for whatever reason, you would be responsible for my out-of-pocket fees ($150 USD for an initial session and $100 USD for a follow-up).

I will never charge your card for anything without letting you know first. But I do keep a card on file to protect myself against scenarios in which individuals don’t show up for an appointment or have a claim denied, and subsequently don’t pay money owed.

How can I know for sure that my health insurance will cover your services

I can verify your benefits for you. To do so, I need a clear picture of the front and back of your insurance card, along with your date of birth. You can send this to me via email.

How I work with clients

What do you do, exactly?

I work with clients 1:1 to help them achieve their health and fitness goals. I use my expertise as a registered dietitian with a Master of Science in Human Nutrition, and my experience (I’ve worked with over 500 clients) to get you where you need to be.

What can I expect during our first session?

I’ll start off by getting some background as to your history regarding health, fitness, nutrition, and the reason for scheduling your appointment. After getting some background information and some initial discussion, I will provide some education (if needed), and talk with you about strategies to achieve your goals.

Honestly, my sessions look a bit different for everyone. Everything I do is individualized for the client I’m working with. My goal for each session is to use my knowledge, expertise, and experience to guide you to get you where you want to be.

Do you provide calorie and macro targets? Do I need to track calories or macros to work with you?

If, after reading your intake forms and speaking with you at the start of our session, we decide to track calories and/or macros, I can provide you some initial calorie and macronutrient targets. However, for many of my clients tracking calories and macros, I have them start off by taking a couple of weeks to track without a specific target, while keeping tabs on body weight. This helps us better determine what your TRUE calorie and macro needs are, rather than using a standardized equation or online calculator.

And no, you do not need to track calories or macros to work with me. It’s an option. I’d say ~50% of my targets track their intake. It all depends on your unique goals and circumstances. I pride myself on providing individualized care and recommendations.

Do you communicate with clients in-between sessions?

For the most part, no. All of the value I provide is via 1:1 video sessions. I do not provide feedback in-between sessions via email or text.

How does health insurance work with your services?

I will submit the claim for our session on your behalf. If your health insurance covers my services, you won’t need to do anything. If your health insurance company denies the claim, or says that you owe money, I will let you know via email. I will never bill your credit card without letting you know via email beforehand, along with the reason for the charge.

My goal is for my services to be covered in full, and for my clients to have to pay as little as possible out-of-pocket. This doesn’t always happen, as coverage varies tremendously between plans and insurance companies, but I do my absolute best to get my services covered and minimize out-of-pocket costs.