BMI and Health: A nuanced perspective

Those in the online health and nutrition space fiercely debate the connection between BMI and health status. Some argue that BMI is flawed, failing to predict poor health outcomes and fueling weight bias in healthcare. The debate over BMI has prompted many to describe “metabolically healthy obesity” to refer to individuals with obesity (BMI ≥30)Continue reading “BMI and Health: A nuanced perspective”

Protein needs for lifters

(It’s less than you think) Many of us assume protein needs for lifters to be ~1 gram per pound of body weight to to optimize muscle and strength gains. Those of us in the “evidence-based” space may be more familiar with the 1.6–2.2g/kg body weight recommendation (~0.7–1g per lb), which stems from a 2018 meta-analysis by MortonContinue reading “Protein needs for lifters”

Increase testosterone naturally.

Most men want to increase testosterone naturally. However, there’s a tremendous amount of misinformation on the topic. So let’s dispel a few myths on boosting testosterone, and discuss what to focus on instead: Misconceptions: First, small testosterone fluctuations won’t make much difference for fat loss or muscle and strength gain. You’d need to see atContinue reading “Increase testosterone naturally.”

Vitamin D — A bright supplement for lifters?

The body of literature on vitamin D is so big that it’d be impossible to cover in a single article. Here are just a few highlights about the vitamin, particularly relevant for us fitness-obsessed folks: Our main source of vitamin D is the sun – we synthesize vitamin D3 in our skin from 7-dehydrocholesterol uponContinue reading “Vitamin D — A bright supplement for lifters?”

Is a High Protein Diet Bad For Your Kidneys?

Key Points: While a high protein intake does increase the workload of the kidneys, healthy kidneys are more than equipped to handle this In people who already have kidney disease, high dietary protein can lead to a more rapid loss of kidney function, and intake should be limited [19] High protein intake increases blood ureaContinue reading “Is a High Protein Diet Bad For Your Kidneys?”